I know. I was silent. Deadly silent.

However I didn't throw away my work. I simply had to dig in into parsing itself to create new post.

In next few weeks I'm going to publish next post about some issues I discovered in my lexer.

I'll also share how I designed my parser.

Meanwhile - I started working on small functional language... with first class Markdown support and good IDE integration.

Screenshot from Neovim

For now it has WIP plugin for Neovim (all written in Rust), it reuses parser crate (librification from the beginning seems to be quite good solution), some const evaluation and diagnostics. It cannot autocomplete for now but still it's pretty useful.

I also had a small romance with WASM - by creating HTML/JS editor based on Monaco. Again, it reuses parser crate which was compiled into WASM, so one codebase to rule them all :)


I'll share my codebase in few weeks.

And now, the real reason why I'm writing this post:


During this pandemic time I decided to make small (30-40 min) online presentation about all this stuff I'm making. As always I would like to mention - I'm not a professional, my experience is purely amateur, however I hope this discussion will spark some curiosity in you. Plus, I won't hide it, im kinda proud of what I did :P

More details here.