Personal Details

Name: Wojciech Polak



Mail: See GitHub profile


2014-2018 - Bachelor of Software Engineering, Technical University of Wrocław

Professional Experience


November 2019 to Now (ongoing)

I am a Software Engineer at ANIXE where I develop backend API and high performance tools in Rust language. I'm responsible for crucial part of our system which is specialized in transforming and optimising our clients contracts. I like to think about it as a "compiler" or "transpiler".

Rust Wrocław

April 2018 to Now (ongoing)

I am a co organizer of Rust meetups in Wrocław. My colleagues and I are spreading good news about Rust. We already organized 17 Rust meetups and few workshops. We have plans for much more in 2020.

July 2015 to November 2019

I was working there as a .NET developer. However, I had also opportunity to create solutions in JavaScript, therefore you might call me then Full stack. I was also responsible for upgrading our CI pipeline and started moving it to the Docker containers.

Please keep in mind that I'm not interested in any job offer in .NET world anymore. Once you learn Rust... there is no way back ;)